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Annual Sanctions Risk Management Conference

October 17-18, 2019,
New York City

Driving Resilience in a Dynamic Time

Fast-changing and far-reaching laws, regulations, and multinational initiatives are transforming the sanctions field on an almost weekly basis. Non-compliance with sanctions and export control laws has huge potential repercussions, including large fines, disbarment, and even criminal charges. This conference will provide practical insights to help manage a sanctions program and mitigate risks.

Get Answers to These Questions

  • Are there public resources available to help design and manage a sanctions/export controls compliance program?
  • What questions should you ask vendors to maximize value from investments in technology and tools?
  • What are the latest sanctions updates for Russia, Cuba and Iran?

Topics at a Glance

  • How to create and manage a top-notch sanctions compliance department?
  • How to manage supply chain and third-party risk in a global setting?
  • Which watch lists to check against and how to respond?
  • How to make metrics-based risk assessments and audits
  • How to minimize false positives when conducting sanctions screening?

Pricing &  Registration

Regular Price is $1,595


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